Owned by Tom and Margaret Ritchie

7566 Berney’s Station Road

The property was originally purchased in 1838 in the midst of a cotton boom. It has been the site of a one-room schoolhouse, a train stop, and decades later, a ranch for racehorses with a large track and sparkling lake.

This home was originally built by Alabama Superior Court Judge John White, a pioneer settler of Talladega County. He practiced law in the county for ten years until his death in 1842.

The original farmhouse had a symmetrical I-house design, a common 19th century floor plan in the Southeast that features a breezeway through the center to keep families cool in the hot climate.

The current owners of this historic home are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ritchie, who purchased the property in 1998 and began a full renovation in 2004. And now, once again, it is occupied by a lawyer, Thomas Ritchie.

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